Three mthumb_Nowy_Prezentacja_programu_Microsoft_PowerPointale great snipes carrying miniature GPS transmitters are back from Africa, bringing very interesting information on the behavior and migration strategies of this exceptional species. Thanks to the GPS technology, the hard work of the team of ornithologists, and, above all, the outstanding effort of great snipes themselves (as it is them, after all, who covered the distance), we could trace – as the first ones in the world – the actual flight itinerary of these birds. 


We spent the 3rd and 4th of October promoting our project “Active protection of the great snipe Gallinago media in the Upper Narew River Valley Natura 2000 site” on the 5th Bird Picnic in Krynica Morska. The event was successful, as always, and it attracted broad interest. Ourstand was visited by perhaps even more people than last year. Promotional material on the great snipe and PTOP were extremely popular. We greatly enjoyed the chance to meet and discuss with members of other bird-related organizations. 

Seria Tańczący z Naturą

An episode dedicated to the great snipe and our project:

“They belong to our strangest and most mysterious birds. In autumn, they fly from Poland to Africa like arrows, without stopping even for a moment. When they are back in spring, among the last remaining meadows naturally flooded by rivers they perform gala lekking in groups. Few people have seen these rituals, because they start at dawn, hidden amidst a sea of grass. And, above all – great snipes are very rare nowadays, as they lack suitable, appropriately natural habitats.


Participants of “Scything over the Narew River” could enjoy many attractions that we provided during the event. One of them were competitions in ornithological knowledge, during which everyone could set themselves against a question concerning general ornithology or specificaly questions relating to the great snipe’s biology. Knowledgeof participantsvaried, but many people surprised us with their familiarity with the topic. Regardless whether the person knew the answer to the question they drew, or not, we always helped willingly to solve the mysteries from the world of birds. The participants rewarded us with their time and desire to explore the world around them. Our efforts resulted in a video showing the lucky ones who allowed us to use their images for the promotion of the great snipe and the best practice applied in its protection. We thank all the participants of the scything! You were fantastic!



We have started cow pasturage on another plot in the Narew River Valley in the vicinity of Trześcianka village. As part of the project “Active protection of the great snipe Gallinago media in the Upper Narew River Valley Natura 2000 site” we finished the construction of the fence around the first two corrals, both covering surfaces of ca. 30 ha – in total, ca. 60 ha will be fenced off. Thanks to an agreement with a farmer owing a large herd of Polish Red cows we brought 57 individuals – cows and their offspring – to the fenced corral.

Preparations for the start, photo Gabriela Kułakowska

As part of our project we organized a scything tournament, which took place in the Narew village on 11th July 2015. The purpose of this event was to preserve the hundreds-of-years-old tradition of scything riverine meadows and to promote the concept of active nature protection. The art of manual scything turned out to be very helpful in preserving the natural diversity of protected areas in Europe, as scything of flooded meadows stimulates the occurrence of rare bird and plant species.

 On 7-9 of May we were having  a television crew as a guest. We and our Great Snipe will be honoured to be a hero of one of episodes of a new natural films series Dances with Nature. The shooting took three days and nights, when displaying Great Snipes and catching birds with transmitters were filmed. The birds are believed to  make out beautifully, as well as our Konik horses grazing on meadows by Ancuty near Narew.


Fot. Mateusz Matysiak

On April 11th, full of hope, I set off to the field and go round the area of one of the largest lekking sites of the great snipe in the Upper Narew River Valley. The weather is marvellous – the Sun is about to set down, mist falls upon the land, I can feel spring in the air and, at a distance, I hear drumming display of the common snipes and a couple of startled cranes. Excited, I listen out for great snipes – to much regret, with no success. I say to myself – “Had they been here, I would surely hear them, normally they start to display before sunset.”

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