1465366_409288345840425_1978139066_nOn November 23rd-24th Lublin Ornithological Society met in Janów Lubelski. The participants were the first persons in Poland to learn the preliminary results of telemetric studies carried out on great snipes this year. The acquired data has surprised everyone and triggered a vivid discussion, among others, on migrations of great snipes between lekking sites, and – what follows – on the efficiency of methods employed up to now to evaluate their population size.

It is noteworthy that the location where the results have been presented was chosen by Michał Korniluk for a good reason – the Lublin Region is the second most important area of occurrence of the species in Poland. The visit was also an opportunity to discuss details of cooperation with ornithologists from the area in the framework of the National Conservation Plan for the Great Snipe in Poland, being established now.

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