Szw4On August 26th we have met the Swedish delegation engaged in the "Reclaim" project implemented since one year within the framework of the Life+ programme. The project is carried out in the Örebro in mid-southern Sweden, and its aim is the active protection of important wetland habitats and associated rare species of plants and animals. This project is undertaken by the local county council.

It turns out that, just like us, the Swedes have to face the consequences of abandonment of traditional land use in wetland areas and of the decline of semi-natural vegetation communities formed by grazing and scything. For this reason the meeting was an excellent opprtunity to exchange experiences and present our actions in the field. During a walk on the meadows near Trześcianka we were able to have a look at the scything of reeds and to introduce our guests to the characteristics of the upper Narew River Valley. Thereafter we visited a farm cooperating with PTOP which breeds koniks (Polish primitive horses), and we had an opportunity to admire the Orthodox church in the nearby Puchły.

More information about the "Reclaim" project can be found on its internet site.


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