6864A spring birds’ passage is taking place right now and we are observing their movements on the ornithological radar. Within the Life project, we have planned the installation of the warning markers on the 110kV lines, in order to reduce the amount of fatal collisions of storks and other bird species. The chosen section of the lines, where we conduct our monitoring, runs over the Narew River. This is the place, where each year passages of thousands of flocks of geese, Ruffs, hundreds of Cranes, swans, gulls, terns, birds of prey and of course White Storks take place. The ornithological radar helps us specify, which birds are at the biggest risk of collisions with the wires at this particular place and what is their reaction to it. Next year, at the same time, after installing the markers, we intend to estimate the efficiency of the actions taken with the same method. We are the first in Europe to use this innovative method in the Life project and one of the first to use it within a project involving the protection of birds.



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