Bocian Biały w dolinach rzek


A lot of work and completed tasks are already behind us. We have gained a lot of interesting experience and knowledge, so it is time for summaries. On 16-17 November 2019, the "International conference on the protection of the white stork" was held. At the meeting we summarized the project and the latest knowledge about the white stork, including in particular the issues related to the practical conservation of the species. Among the speakers, apart from the project workers, there were representatives of institutes and universities from Poland and abroad, as well as members of the White Stork Research Group. On Sunday we invited the participants to the field part, where we presented some of the tasks completed within the project, such as nests moved from endangered locations, electrical equipment protected against electric shock, retrofitted and renovated Animal Rehabilitation Center in Grzędy in the Biebrza National Park. Taking advantage of the favorable circumstances of nature, we went for a walk along the educational path Dunes on the Red Swamp. We would like to thank the speakers for their very interesting speeches and all the participants for their valuable comments and fruitful discussions.

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