On 6 October 2016, in the European Commission in Brussels we took part in a conference inaugurating the opening of Life projects (Kick-Off Meeting of LIFE15). During the meeting we established contacts with other European projects in order to exchange experience, and we presented the assumptions and objectives of our project (LIFEciconiaPL: Protection of the white stork in river valleys of eastern Poland). The meeting confirmed the position of the Polish Society for Bird Protection as a leading organization for bird protection in the country and, as it turned out, also in Europe, as our project was one of only 40 nature-related projects throughout the European Union, among a few hundred submitted last year. Other interesting projects presented during the meeting included those pertaining to protection of: great bustard and eastern imperial eagle in Hungary and Austria, little bustard, Dupont’s lark and lesser kestrel in Spain, glossy ibis, pygmy cormorant, 4 species of heron and 2 species of pelican in Greece.