We started collecting information on nests that should be moved from a roof or a ramshackle pole to a new concrete pole. The territory of our activity is very large - it covers 10 Natura 2000 areas - as we already wrote in the previous post. Recently we controlled the “Omulew and Płodownica Rivers Valley”. It’s a territory located between Ostrołęka, Myszyniec and Wielbark, at the border of Kurpie, Mazovia and Mazuria, so it’s interesting not only for its nature but also culture.

The Omulew river meanders picturesquely through flat agricultural terrains - cattle pasturage dominates there. Thanks to such a utilization, this is the last habitat of the European roller in our country. These birds can be observed there sitting on pasture fences, especially at the end of the summer, when their migration period starts.

European rollers have already flown off, and so have storks, yet their nests remained. We want to help the local population and the residents by moving the old nests from the roofs to concrete poles. Owners of properties where such a nest is located often complain about the bothersome neighbors: the building’s structure is overloaded; the roof is devastated by excrements of the birds - especially the young, flightless ones; if a nest is set on an old pole, it poses a threat of collapse. Sometimes birds build their nest without platform, which makes its structure instable and during a windstorm such a nest can be knocked down - such stories could be heard from the people we met.